Prescription Service and Over-the-Counter Medicine in Highlands, North Carolina

Prescription Service

Most major insurance plans are accepted, and consultations are available for any prescription or item you may need. Our pharmacist monitors the drugs you are prescribed for food and disease interactions and is always available to answer questions and help you find the best alternative. Very competitive prices are available for those customers without insurance, and customers can discuss prices with the pharmacist.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

You will find a variety of over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and nutritional items available at our local drug store. If you are looking for something and cannot find it, talk to us, and we will order it for you and have it ready the next day.

Each vitamin and nutritional supplement is pharmaceutical grade to ensure quality, and our customers can get their medical accessories with us as well. Walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs are available for sale or for rent, and we carry a variety of athletic supports and braces.

Contact us today for more information about our local drug store in Highlands, North Carolina, at (828) 526-2366.